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Restore the crisis, the US Government controls the price of 8 November 2013 Government pursued a policy of price controls in order to recover the financial crisis. As the u.s. Government collected ...

Property Business Conditions in Indonesia 2013-201416 October 2013

The weakening of rupiah against the U.S. dollar generated many people aware of the turmoil and changes of ec...

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State Property26 September 2011
Asset Management26 September 2011
Research :
Satyatama Graha Tara (SGT) is known for the quality of its property research, which is the basis of the company advice in all specialist consultancy fields. Clients have used this research capability by commissioning special research reports on wide-ranging property matters.
Our comprehensive research services include market surveys to identify market trends in all property sectors; supply and demand analyses; price, rental, and yield forecasts; analyses of property performance by sector for investment purposes; and property portfolio analyses to identify under-utilized assets and maximize the returns from property ownership.
Education :
Satyatama Graha Tara (SGT) concerns about education in appraisal property matters as well as property market overview for the clients. This service is needed by the clients to be able to read and review appraisal report of consultant. SGT KS also provides continuing professional education for appraisal.