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State Property26 September 2011
Asset Management26 September 2011

Satyatama Graha Tara (SGT) provides a wide range of services in the agribusiness industry. The services, which consist of valuation, feasibility study, project monitoring and management, are provided to account every clients needs. The division is also in the position to provide independent analyses and opinions for the purpose of putting together financing or debt restructuring proposals.

In carry out palm oil plantation project we take technical and financial measurement on both biological and non-biological asset. For the biological asset valuation, we took Income Approach method with Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) calculation for planted area, and Land Development Analysis (LDA) for the land that has not been planted.

Plantation Project that we have performed is varied, from large to very small-scale. Whereas this valuation project usually for the purpose of collateral, asset for financial report and internal management or for IPO. Projects with large scale, namely, PTPN 2 (National Plantation) of size of more than ± 100.000 Ha, or Arrtu Plantation for valuation work in 2009, consist of biological assets valuation and facility (mills, equipment and other supporting facility). Also in 1986, SGT-KS has carried out valuation project and monitoring work of the biggest palm oil plantation, namely plantation owned by Sinar Mas Group, which more than 100.000 Ha. Furthermore, we also have experience in doing assets valuation project on such company with Listed Public Company, such as PT. Sampoerna Tbk.