Asset Management

26 September 2011

This book is unique and different from other books. What distinguishes it is that in this book the author not only tries to solve a problem with logic, but also through spiritual experience, which is universally recognized that the level of the whole man to perfection starts from IQ, EQ to SQ. The author tries to use its SQ and believes that the concept of Islamic economics is the concept of a sustainable economy the most appropriate and applied in Indonesia in line with the economic concept of Pancasila.

This book also comes with a variety of case studies from both domestic and abroad, so that readers can see examples of applying the concept of CEO's and the fact the application of the concept of sustainable development in various parts of the world. In addition, the book also comes with the concept of privatization of state enterprises towards restructuring / enterprises that are still relied upon today as a driver of the economy by central and local