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Restore the crisis, the US Government controls the price of 8 November 2013 Government pursued a policy of price controls in order to recover the financial crisis. As the u.s. Government collected ...

Property Business Conditions in Indonesia 2013-201416 October 2013

The weakening of rupiah against the U.S. dollar generated many people aware of the turmoil and changes of ec...

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Satyatama Graha Tara (SGT), founded in 1985 by Ir. Doli D. Siregar, MSc, FRICS., SCV. SGT is a national company engaged in property consultancy with a series of experiences that have proven successful. Its headquarters are located in Jakarta, with branch offices throughout Indonesia. More than 100 professionals will provide advice to clients on all aspects of property ownership, employment, investment and property development. Under SGT Consulting Group, there are several subsidiaries such as PT. Tara Informatama Partners (Information Technology) and PT. Matra Pangripta Satya (Project Management), Doli Siregar & Partners (DSR).

Strengthen the vision to survive in the era of globalization, we believe that the new paradigm in the future the company will typically require and approve the assumption of Amoeba, single-celled creatures who think they have a permeable wall. Amoeba is always changing its shape, adapt to their surroundings, and always keep to capture the integrity and identity as a unique creative.

To fulfill our commitment: The result of an appropriate and satisfactory service to you, we will combine our expertise and professionalism with our best ability to produce maximum results.