Restore the crisis, the US Government controls the price of

8 November 2013 Government pursued a policy of price controls in order to recover the financial crisis. As the u.s. Government collected notes, a policy that when facing a housing crisis at risk in 2007. in 2001 up to 2005, the U.S. Government introduced credit home ownership for citizens who have the ability to financially inadequate. At that time, u.s. economic growth is in minus.

As a result, the U.S. Central Bank lowered interest rates to 1 percent. The community then respond to that policy. One of them is by investing in the field of housing.

Unfortunately, it is also a wave of investment is speculation. This means that a lot of people who resell their homes that haven't been paid off to third parties. The trick is this which led refinancing bad credit housing. Noted, the number of bad credit reached 605 billion u.s. dollar 

Even so, said Siregar, Doli D on Tuesday (29/10/2013), the u.s. Government took a policy to control the price of housing assets faded. How by assigning professional appraisers doing assessments. In that way, the u.s. Government's evidence of a complete and accurate data to complete the matter bad debts through the sale of a home's value and the price is really objective. '' This is just one example of the importance of professional appraisers, ' said Doli in his book launch titled Breakthrough Professionalism Appraisers Appraiser Public shared Indonesia Indonesia (Mappi).

Within the scope of professional appraisers in Indonesia, has also become an important part of that speculation is not detrimental to the finances of the State. According to the record are loosely Doli in his book on page 3 and 4, the Government never lost a lot of money during the 1998 economic crisis spilled over. At that time, through the Indonesian bank restructuring Agency (Ibra), the Government took over the assets of banks that went bankrupt. Claims that the value of assets reached Rp 650 billion. Meanwhile, the Government's money for that program are digelontorkan Rp 660 trillion.

When the assets it will disconnected return for bailouts, if caught the asset value was just $ 167 trillion. That reality shows there are inflating the value of assets quadrupled.

Again, a word related to the fact that, Doli appraisers professional not involved in determining the value of assets. Then, make sense if inflating the case.

In book xxii of 270 pages, Doli also inserts the importance of professional appraisers in the present. '' Two years ago I said, if Indonesia requires 5,000 professional appraisers, ' power said that in that opportunity Doli accompanied Chairman Mappi Hamid Yusuf.

In fact, imbuh Hamid Yusuf, in Indonesia there are approximately 350 new professional Appraisers. ' Number is very less, ' firmly Hamid Yusuf.

Meanwhile, according to the number of minimum assessment Doli professional due to the stakeholders in the homeland has not been enough awareness about the importance of having the task of the evaluator.

Doli, in book nine chapter also give emphasis if numerous attempts should be made to increase the number of assessors as required. Her way through the line of education in college.

In addition, also in the first book printed in March 2013, Doli gives emphasis when it's time there is special legislation concerning professional Appraisers. ' This regulation it is necessary to indicate the importance of the role of professional appraisers for Indonesia, ' thus Doli D Siregar.