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Asset Management26 September 2011

Satyatama Graha Tara (SGT) has an enviable reputation for development consultancy throughout Indonesia. The range of services under this consultancy include; Feasibility Study, Highest and Best Use Study and Financial Advisory.

A professional recommendation of planned development by analysing site, economic, legal, social and environment, technical analyses, market analyses, and financial analyses.
This study is to identify the most profitable solutions of various alternative developments by analysing site, economic, legal, social, and environment, technical analyses, in depth market analyses and financial analyses.
Satyatama Graha Tara (SGT) provides a comprehensive Financial Advisory services. This integrated services commonly divided into 3 phases as follows :
Phase I : Due Diligence
Undertake Due Diligence, review of financial statement including review utilization of fund. Review balance sheet focusing on key items including assets and liabilities and also review of income statement.
Phase II : Debt Restructuring
Undertake business evaluation and assess the liability with emphasis on its ability to service commitments to creditors; review and test financial projections, investigates and report appropriate strategies for creditors to maximise its potential recoveries.
Phase III : Monitoring & Control
  • Monitoring the implementation of restructuring which has been agreed
  • Ensure funds are deposited and disbursed as planned
  • Reports to creditors monthly, quarterly or on an exception basis