Breakthtough Profesionalisme Penilai Indonesia

13 May 2013

Not just the first book on the history of the development of professional appraisers in Indonesia. Breakthtough Profesionalisme Penilai Indonesia  is also the first book to analyze the practice of assessment in Indonesia, with all the problems.

Breakthtough Profesionalisme Penilai Indonesia illustrates just how much regulation or regulation undang-undang regulating products or which relate to the practice of assessment in Indonesia as long as it's still overlap and sometimes even contradictory. In addition, the book also illustrates how professional development assessment on soil water is also not yet supported by the availability of an adequate education. Paktis, education to print the evaluator runs dangerously close to what it is.

Therefore, as illustrated in this book, in practice assessment, both professional appraisers as well as service users alike do not have protection and legal certainty. Meanwhile, improvement and development of the competence and professionalism of the evaluator also barely walk anywhere because of the lack of educational infrastructure. If this condition is allowed to continue, the professional appraisers and appraisal businesses Indonesia national could be terlibas by the influx of reviewers in the era of free trade and globalization.

Breakthtough Profesionalisme Penilai  offers new breakthroughs should be done to advance the profession of appraisers and appraisal businesses in the country. Therefore, this is a book that must be read by policy makers, academics, businessmen, practitioner assessment, students, and the general public.