BPN Stated 51.976 acres of land in Indonesia As Wastelands

22 February 2013

Jakarta-the national land Agency (BPN) has completed a case of land as much as the case during the year 2012 4.291 or reach as much as 60 percent of the total 7,196 cases. As many as 51.976 acres of land declared as wastelands.

A spokesman for BPN KurniaToha, SH, LLM, PhD, in his statement declaring BPN in 2012 have been doing the redistribution of land in the entire territory of Indonesia as much as 106.957 field. Being in 2013 will be land redistribution performance improvements, so that the area of land growing diredistribusikan, inter alia by improving the rule of law, the land of the abandoned land dispute settlement and land in other countries.

'"During the 2012, BPN RI has published the Decree the head of BPN about Wastelands Assignment covering an area of 51.976 Ha. Land of the terlentar spread over several provinces, so that when it ' clear and clean ', will diredistribusikan to the people who did not have land and for strategic programs in other countries, ' said the gift in his statement, Wednesday (16/2/2013).

In addition, Kurnia said", Hendarman Supandji BPN after kepempimpinan formed a team of 11 who have completed 38 cases of land which is a completed lies short, medium and long.
"in the framework of the dispute settlement, conflict and land tenure in 2013, BPN will still make the effort quickly land case settlement with emphasis on the principle of ' win-win solution ', ' he said.

sumber : (M. Rizal - detikNews)